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Meet our Mama's


ASDR Playin With The Queen of Hearts aka "Paris"

Red Merle Mini Aussie
14" Tall 20 lbs
PRA/PRCD Normal/Carrier
Sire 14" Hersheys Little Kisses
Dam: 14" Trixie

We brought Paris to our home in April of 2016.  We are so lucky to have such a beautiful girl!  She stoled our hearts the minute she got here and immediately was named "Paris" for her queen-like nature. 


She's a Good Hearted Woman aka "Shelby"

Black Tri Mini Aussie
16" Tall 28lbs
PRA/PRCD Normal/Normal
Sire 17" Im Justa Country Boy aka Bill
Dam 16" My Painted Panda aka Zoe

 Shelby was born and raised here in our home.  She is quiet, patient and very responsive.  A full white collar helps frame a very straight top line.  Always loves a good run and is very athletic.

ASDR Shiloh's Little Rebel aka "Rebel"

Red Tri Mini Aussie
14" Tall 25lbs
PRA/PRCD Normal/Normal
Sire 17" Cinch
Dam 16" Rock'N C Shiloh's Buckeroo

Rebel is very loved by her humans. She loves kids and enjoys being pet and loved on. She is an amazing momma to her litters with a very docile attitude. More on the smaller side, she loves naps and snuggling at your feet. 

Skye Blue.jpg

ASDR Skye Blue aka "Skye"

Red Merle Mini Aussie
16" Tall 28lbs
PRA/PRCD Normal/Normal
Dam "Rock'n C Shiloh's Buckeroo"
Sire "I'm Justa Country Dog"

“Skye Blue” aka “Skye”. Skye is a 16” Red Merle with bright blue eyes. Skye has a solid frame, is reserved, quiet and excellent mom. Her sire is Im Justa Country Boy and dam is Rock’n C Shiloh’sBuckeroo. She was born and raised in Idaho.

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